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2" Notocactus Parodia


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This cute cactus may resemble a Golden Barrel now, but in time will grow to be much taller. It's called Lemon Ball for its perfectly round, glowing, toasty golden glow; a shape it keeps for what seems like forever, and Yellow Tower for its stretched, cylindrical, mature vertical version. It takes around 15 years to achieve its ultimate height of 3'. The precise, geometric patterns of the multitude of soft golden spines draw your eye this way and that until they seem to be flowing and moving. A slight depression on the top of its head where the spines emerge seems to form star shapes upon star shapes to the concentrated center. At three years old and after it will make a crown of nice big yellow flowers, too. This is one plant that loves direct sun on it. Put it in the brightest spot you have. Oh, and feel free to forget to water it too!

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Low Maintenance

Quick Care Guide:

    • Water - Low (1):  Needs very little water to survive. Wait until the plant is completely dry then fully soak. Drought tolerant by nature.
    • High - (5):  Plant needs a lot of light; direct is even better. These plants do best when placed on a window sill or next to a bright window. Avoid concentrated, hot light from window which may cause burning (magnifying glass effect).                  
    • Difficulty - Low (1):  These plants need barely any attention to thrive. Set it and forget it.

     View full breakdown of Care Guide here.