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4" Anthurium, Vanilla


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Popular Anthuriums are loved for their marvelous flowers and super strong plants, super easy to care for. Stiff triangle to heart shaped leaves of deep green point out on stiff stems while managing to appear pretty. The flower is the main attraction in Anthuriums, with a modified leaf (a spathe) as what we usually think of as the flower, and the true flower, a small stem sticking up from the base of the spathe and covered in teeny tiny true blossoms. These lovely things come in reds, purples, oranges, pinks, whites, and some marbled with combos of these hues. The flowers last for weeks and flowering season is all year, making these perfect gifts for all occasions, and always can be found blooming. This creamy vanilla flavored one has occasional flowers with a lime green wash over the whole leaf or part, and is adorned with a bright yellow spadix.