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6" Hoya Macrophylla, Variegated 'Albomarginata'

Hoya Macrophylla, Variegated 'Albomarginata' translated is Hoya big leaf variegated white edged, and that it is. Bigger leaves than most in the Hoya world, they are dark to light green, edged in white to cream, and with a slim pink to fuchsia outline. The foliage is honeycombed with visible veins, with a quilted texture. The blossoms arriving on older plants are fuzzy, whitish stars with the tips of the stars curving a little back, making them even cuter. They burst out of little, pentagonal whitish buds with pink outlines and are nocturnally fragrant. Vining wildly like most Hoyas and reaching up to 7' and more, this uncommon plant belongs in every Hoya collector's home.