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6" Philodendron Green Lemon


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This charming new hybrid Philodendron is Green Lemon, not to be confused with Lemon Lime. Fresh green with that tangy tinge of lemon added makes a bright, shiny leaf; smooth with slightly cupped edges and tips that curve under modestly. A strong, paler green midrib branches into a few vague, wispy side veins. Foliage is borne on jointed, fat, lime green stems with a reddish blush on the leaf stem and the little nubby beginnings of the aerial roots it can hardly wait to launch out in search of water, support, and new places to hang out in. With lots of leaves growing nice and close together Green Lemon has a nice full figure. This fashionable new Philodendron is a bit of a social climber, appreciating a pole to lean on.