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6" Hoya, Tricolor


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Hoya Tricolor's three colors are warm, jade green, bright, rich cream, and a fresh, rosy magenta. Newborn baby leaves often arrive pure white or more pink than green, with rosy stems holding them upright. Kind of rounded and bumpy like the Carnosa they spring from, they also inherited their inner strength from Carnosa, bravely vining and reaching for whatever's nearby to clamber up. Of course this pretty baby flowers; chubby, waxy, pink stars, with a chubby white star inside that, with a dark red star inside that, with a teeny, line-drawn white star in the center of it all. There are probably more stars in there, but too darn small to see. And, that heavenly sweet perfume, too.

  • Pet Friendly
  • Trailing

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Low/Med (2):  Doesn't need as much water, but doesn't like to stay dry for too long. Plant will become droopy when really thirsty.
  • Light - Med/High (4):  Needs more light than most, but direct light not necessary. Can handle morning and afternoon sun directly on leaves.
  • Difficulty - Low (1):  These plants need barely any attention to thrive. Set it and forget it.

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