6 Stylish Ideas for Hanging Plants

6 Stylish Ideas for Hanging Plants

Looking for some cool ideas for hanging plants that go beyond the basic retro macramé hanger? We combed through some modern design blogs and Instagram feeds to find the best options for displaying houseplants in hanging baskets and pots, so you can fill your space with lush greenery without taking up too much real estate! Your desk and shelves can only fit so many plants, so keep things clutter-free (and out-of-reach for plotting pets) by trying some of these different ways to hang plants indoors. 


Driftwood Hanger

Reclaimed wood will never go out of style! It’s the perfect combo of rustic, elegant, and modern, and it’s always one-of-a-kind. Driftwood makes a fantastic structure to suspend several potted plants from, and you can easily hang it from the ceiling or window with two ropes on either end. The twisted shape and natural, gnarled texture is so perfectly imperfect. Leave the wood as-is, glaze it with lacquer, or paint it white! Just make sure your driftwood has been thoroughly cleaned and doesn’t have any insects hiding inside.


geometric wall hanger

Geometric Wire Hangers

If the shabby-chic boho vibe isn’t your jam, steer clear of the macramé and opt for some wireframe hanging planters molded into 3D, cubist shapes. They bring that cool, modern vibe that’s anything but kitschy, and even the ones in more complex shapes still maintain that satisfying, minimalist aesthetic. From pyramids to prisms, diamonds to dodecahedrons, you’re bound to find an eye-catching shape that jives with your room’s decor.


metallic hanging pots

Metallic Pots

Metallic, mid-century modern accent pieces are coming back in a big way. They’re great for instantly elevating a plain white room, bringing an artsy, minimalist flair. Gold and copper are very on-trend right now, as they bring a sense of warmth while still looking sophisticated and sleek. Purchase some metallic hanging planters, fill them with your favorite houseplants, or try making your own by gathering some plain planters and coating them with metallic spray paint.


succulent birdcage

Succulent Birdcage

Vintage wire or wooden birdcages make such beautiful planters for succulent arrangements! Line the bottom of your cage with some coco coir liner or sheet moss, one layer of small pebbles, sprinkle on some activated charcoal, and then top it with a layer of cactus soil. Arrange your succulents with taller varieties like haworthia in the center, then place shorter varieties with all different colors and textures like echeveria in a ring around the center plants. Finish it off by placing some trailing plants like burro’s tail or string of pearls around the edge so they’ll spill out and grow downward.


hanging glass terrarium

Glass Terrariums

Hanging glass terrariums look so beautiful when they catch the window light, and there are so many interesting styles and shapes to buy. Hang up one big statement piece or a collection of several small terrariums on strings of different lengths. You can fill them with soil, pebbles, or peat moss, but if you don’t like the idea of having the planting medium visible through the bottom of the container, then you can grow water plants instead! Fill the terrarium with a bit of water, and place in some cuttings from an easily-propagated plant, like pothos. They’ll develop roots quickly! Alternatively, you can fill an empty terrarium with tillandsia, otherwise known as air plants, and they’ll be just fine without soil or water. Glass terrariums are a fantastic gift idea for just about anyone.


curtain rod hanger

Curtain Rod Hanger

Tension rods, like the ones we use for holding up shower curtains, are a super inexpensive and convenient way to make room for more plants! Find a sunny space in the house where you can secure the rod in place, such as a gap between wall mounted kitchen cabinets, and use some heavy duty adhesive just to make sure the rod doesn’t fall down from the weight of your plants. Find a tension rod in a neutral color that matches your home decor, and then get creative with the materials you use to hang your plants. Swirly metal hooks with an antique finish have a romantic, Parisian feel, whereas rope and twine feel a bit more rustic. 


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