Anthuriums are originally from tropical rainforests where most varieties are epiphitic climbers living on jungle trees. Other types like to live rooted in the ground on the forest floor. There are about 1001 species of what is sometimes commonly called "Flamingo Flower." They are bred now because of the colors of their brilliant heart shaped shield that surrounds the cream colored flowering spadix. A hardy and tough houseplant, all it needs to thrive is bright, indirect light and just a bit more water than most houseplants.
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4" Anthurium, Lilli
4" Anthurium, Pink
4" Anthurium, Purple
4" Anthurium, Rainbow Champion
4" Anthurium, Red
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6" Anthurium, Pink
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6" Anthurium, Purple
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6" Anthurium, Red
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6" Anthurium, White

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4" Anthurium, Orange
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4" Anthurium, White
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6" Anthurium Plowmanii
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6" Anthurium, Livium
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6" Anthurium, Orange
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8" Anthurium Plowmanii
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8" Anthurium, Pink
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8" Anthurium, Red
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