There are over 850 types of Ficus found around the world in the semi-tropics and the tropics. Growing to to be huge trees in their native habitats, they can be large statement plants in your home. With many varying leaf shapes to choose from; running from small, pointed, shiny leaves to giant leathery ones, you can pick the look you want. Their strong growing roots allow them to be able to be repotted more often than most plants (although some varieties do prefer being rootbound and ultimately grow fastest that way). Larger plants will develop interesting shapes that make them stand out alone or in a plant grouping.

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4" Ficus Decora Burgundy
4" Ficus Decora Ruby Pink
4" Ficus Decora Tineke
4" Ficus Lyrata Little Sunshine
6" Ficus Decora Burgundy
6" Ficus Lyrata
6" Ficus Lyrata Little Fiddle
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6" Ficus Lyrata Little Sunshine
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8" Ficus Decora Burgundy
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8" Ficus Decora Ruby Pink
8" Ficus Decora Tineke
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8" Ficus Lyrata 'Little Sunshine'

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4" Ficus Umbellata
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6" Creeping Fig Ficus
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6" Ficus Benjamina
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6" Ficus Benjamina, Spearmint
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6" Ficus Decora Burgundy, XL
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6" Ficus Decora Ruby Pink
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6" Ficus Decora Tineke
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6" Ficus Decora Tineke, XL
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6" Ficus Sagittata, Radicans, Variegated
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8" Ficus Lyrata
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