Frequently Asked Questions

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How come my plant doesn’t look identical to the one I saw online?

Plants are like snowflakes in the sense that each one is unique. We attempt to use sample plants that resemble the entire crop, but that does not mean they will all look identical to the one you see in the photo. It is our promise to deliver a healthy plant free from damage.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

Plants are incredibly fragile by nature so we go above and beyond to ensure their safety when shipping out orders. That being said, we understand that mistakes are made and your plants may arrive damaged due to improper handling once out of our control. If any of your plants arrive damaged, please send an email including a photo of the plant damage to and we will make it right.

What if I don’t like my new plant?

We unfortunately do no accept returns on plants that arrive healthy and undamaged. Each picture is representative of the entire plant inventory so there shouldn’t be an surprises. If there is something wrong, however, you should absolutely send an email with a photo to for review.

How are plant sizes determined?

Typically, in the nursery industry, plant sizes are determined by the diameter of the grow pot. In most cases, 4” is considered Small, 6” is Medium and 8” is Large. Exact specs can be provided upon request if not listed.