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2" Calathea Makoyana


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Escaped from the jungles of Africa and South America, the "Peacock Plant" is just as wild in our homes as in its jungle. The large, oval leaves are graven with pine green teardrops and lines on a yellow-green bed, with dark green framing the edges. The medium green midvein is wide and anchors all those lines and teardrops. A crowd of burgundy stems hold the leaves flat just so the primitive tattoo design can be easily seen. This plant appreciates distilled or purified water and misting, as if it's still in its native jungle home with soft, misty droplets of water floating down from the leafy canopy above.
  • Air Purifying
  • Pet Friendly

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Med/High (4):  Prefers more water than most, but soil can dry out periodically. Use a spray bottle to mist and increase humidity levels without soaking the soil and roots.
  • Light - Medium (3):  Plant prefers natural, diffused light. Can be placed in a spacious living room. Indirect light preferred. No direct sunlight on leaves.
  • Difficulty - Medium (3):  Not too difficult to keep happy, but does require some attention.

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