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2" Kalanchoe Flap Jack


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Kalanchoe Flap Jack does resemble a nice batch of pancakes stacked on their ends, held up by their central stalk, as improbable as that may be. The thick paddles of soft, minty greens undergo a gorgeous and dramatic red blushing come fall and winter's cold weather combined with the bright light and direct sunshine they require all year. The foliage is covered in all seasons with a fine, white, powder that acts with a sunscreen's protection. If you touch the powder, it will leave fingerprints behind; not damaging but maybe not as attractive looking. Put this pretty succulent in a sunny window and leave it alone. It can get up to 2' tall sooner or later but is not super fast growing. It's so easy to propagate, just stick a single leaf in new soil to sprout a new order of pancakes.

  • Drought Tolerant
  • Low Maintenance