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4" Alocasia Tiny Dancer


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Tiny dancer is named for its diminutive, dancing, green leaves facing up to the sky. Balanced on graceful stems, quite thick at the bottom slimming to thin at the top, the leaves reach outwards from their pot. First introduced by grower Lari Ann Garner, it was awarded the most unusual aroid at the International Aroid Society show in 2013. Very hardy and easy to grow, this plant has few needs other than medium to bright light and regular feeding.

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Med/High (4):  Prefers more water than most, but soil can dry out periodically. Use a spray bottle to mist and increase humidity levels without soaking the soil and roots.
  • Light - Medium (3):  Plant prefers natural, diffused light. Can be placed in a spacious living room. Indirect light preferred. No direct sunlight on leaves.
  • Difficulty - Medium (3):  Not too difficult to keep happy, but does require some attention.

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