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4" Dahlia


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Dahlias were known to the native Toltec and Aztec peoples of Mexico and South America as "water pipe plant" (because of their hollow stems) where they were used for food and medicines. The natives gathered wild plants growing in mountains and hilly places up to 12,000' elevation and also grew them in their own gardens. They were later named for botany student Anders Dahl in 1791; by then people had become interested in these beauties and begun swapping and sending seeds and tubers  around. Close kin to Sunflowers and Daisies, Dahlias are so darn variable that literally each plant is in some way different from its neighbor. They come in every darn color except blue and hybridizers are racing to create that too. (Wouldn't that be pretty?) You'll get a nice, rich green, leafy bush with big, old flowers that can range from 2" cuties to an enormous 12". Raised from tubers, they can die back in winter only to resprout again for you. These gorgeous and wildly happy guys come in all those darn colors; we'll pick the most gorgeous one for you.

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Medium (3):  Water plant when dry. Plant does not like soil to always be moist, but doesn't like to stay dry once becomes dry. Water as soon as soil is dry.
  • Light - Med/High (4):  Needs more light than most, but direct light not necessary. Can handle morning and afternoon sun directly on leaves
  • Difficulty - Medium (3):  Not too difficult to keep happy, but does require some attention.