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4" Sansevieria Misty Star


Misty Star, of the misty, pale greens drifting like cirrhus clouds across satiny, emerald green, pointed leaves giving this pretty star her name. The thinnest, knife edged, palest of yellow outlines define each leaf. Soft, pointy tips attractively curve upwards toward the stars. Newborn baby leaves show up tightly rolled at first, then curve out from the center whorling optimistically into a freeform star. Her habit is to reach for the sky a bit more than most of the Sansevieria Stars, but she will still top out at around 8" like the other stars. Propagation is by separating the cute little pups peeking from under the leaves.

  • Also known as Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law's Tongue
  • Air Purifying
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Low Light
  • Low Maintenance

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Low/Med (2):  Doesn't need as much water, but doesn't like to stay dry for too long. Plant will become droopy when really thirsty.
  • Light - Low (1):  Doesn't need much if any light. Plants will be okay in a darker bedroom or bathroom.
  • Difficulty - Low (1):  These plants need barely any attention to thrive. Set it and forget it.

View full breakdown of Care Guide here.