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4" Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus 'Satin'

Smooth Satin Scindapsus is a handsome guy dressed in smooth, satin, deep green with lovely silver speckles. The curving tips of the leaf to one side gives the leaf a playful paisley shape to it. The name "Pictus" means painted or spotted. The midrib of the leaf is green, with a silvery edge on each leaf. A soft looking texture at first glance has sparkly, crystal clear little cells if you look real close. Native to southeast Asia and some Pacific isles, this epiphyte climbs trees with the aid of strong, grasping aerial roots that fasten firmly onto their host trees, soaring up to 10' long.  Supported leaves, whether in a wild jungle tree or on a mossy pole at home, can sometimes grow dramatically larger. In a hanging basket or pot, the same 10' length can be expected in a happy plant.
  • Air Purifying
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Light
  • Trailing

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Low/Med (2):  Doesn't need as much water, but doesn't like to stay dry for too long. Plant will become droopy when really thirsty.
  • Light - Low/Med (2):  These plants need some diffused light to stay happy. Prefers if there is a window in the room, but doesn't need to be very light nor close to it.
  • Difficulty - Low/Med (2):  A little less finicky than most. Doesn't require much attention at all.

View full breakdown of Care Guide here.