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6" Anthurium Plowmanii


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Plowmanii is a fast growing plant from Costa Rica, discovered in the late 1800's and named for a Scottish botanist. It resembles a giant, prehistoric birdnest growing high in the jungle trees. Strong aerial roots reach out looking for more moisture and soil to colonize. Some plants become so heavy they fall from their trees to root on the forest floor where they land. From a hairy center with a reddish tint, leathery green leaves with ruffled edges and deep veining arrange themselves in a somewhat flat rosette shape. The rare flowers are purplish dusted with white pollen. 

  • Air Purifying

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Med/High (4):  Prefers more water than most, but soil can dry out periodically. Use a spray bottle to mist and increase humidity levels without soaking the soil and roots.
  • Light - Medium (3):  Plant prefers natural, diffused light. Can be placed in a spacious living room. Indirect light preferred. No direct sunlight on leaves.
  • Difficulty - Low/Med (2):  A little less finicky than most. Doesn't require much attention at all.

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