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6" Chlorophytum Spider Bonnie


A spider plant is one of the easiest plants to own, and Bonnie is no exception. Fast growing and hardy, Spider gets its name from the tiny plantlets that dangle on long stems like a crowd of little spiders under the plant. Small, white, 6 petaled flowers spangle the stems. Bonnie's bright green and yellowy/white striped leaves arc into graceful curves giving her a pleasing, voluminous contour when all grown up and filling her pot, which happens super fast. Spider Bonnie is a curly head, along with her leaves even the plantlet stems curl and whirl around all over the place.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Pet Friendly

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Medium (3):  Water plant when dry. Plant does not like soil to always be moist, but doesn't like to stay dry once becomes dry. Water as soon as soil is dry.
  • Light - Med/High (4):  Needs more light than most, but direct light not necessary. Can handle morning and afternoon sun directly on leaves.
  • Difficulty - Low/Med (2):  A little less finicky than most. Doesn't require much attention at all.

View full breakdown of Care Guide here.