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6" Dracaena White Bird


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This dashing cultivar of Warneckii has white variegation so brilliant it's almost hard to look at, on dark green leaves with some assorted greens running down the midrib. Those leaves crowd closer together on its canes giving it a fatter look than its cousin Warneckii like a flock of brilliant birds just landed in the pot, with ruffled feathers. More than one cane in a pot at varying heights in an older specimen lend quite the architectural interest. White Bird keeps its figure with a very slim outline, fitting into the very narrowest of spots.

  • Also known as Dragon Tree
  • Air Purifying

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Medium (3):  Water plant when dry. Plant does not like soil to always be moist, but doesn't like to stay dry once becomes dry. Water as soon as soil is dry.
  • Light - Medium (3):  Plant prefers natural, diffused light. Can be placed in a spacious living room. Indirect light preferred. No direct sunlight on leaves.
  • Difficulty - Low (1):  These plants need barely any attention to thrive. Set it and forget it.

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