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6" Ficus Creeping Fig, Variegated


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When you think of Ficus, you surely don't usually envision a Creeping Fig. Rather than a huge tree you get a pot brimming with cascading, overlapped stems with offset, delicate, teardrop shaped leaves in crispy feeling matte green. This variegated version is edged in brilliant white making each leaf stand out. This plant is way more tough than it looks. Creeping Fig is famous for scaling walls vigorously in the garden, and ground covering to 15' and beyond. In a pot, it's a well-behaved little houseplant on a table or shelf or in a hanging pot. The small scale leaves make it a perfect terrarium plant where it adores the steaminess. Tuck some Creeping Fig in around specimen plants in their big pots to decorate the bare soil and maybe go for a climb up their canes.

  • Air Purifying

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Medium (3):  Water plant when dry. Plant does not like soil to always be moist, but doesn't like to stay dry once becomes dry. Water as soon as soil is dry.
  • Light - Med/High (4):  Needs more light than most, but direct light not necessary. Can handle morning and afternoon sun directly on leaves.
  • Difficulty - Medium (3):  Not too difficult to keep happy, but does require some attention.

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