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6" Philodendron Congo Rojo


Congo Rojo has everything you want in a large Philodendron. Her lovely shape, compact and bushy rather than trailing, fills in a 3' x 3' outline, just getting fuller all the time. The leaves are big, glossy, deep green, long triangles with strong, pale green midribs and veins and soft pink undersides. New leaves unroll in copper/burgundy vinyl and settle down and mature to the deep pine green. The whole plant has a  mysterious and subtle deep, ruby red glow washing over it. The fleshy stems are bright magenta/red and ropy aerial roots go flying out of the pot, rooting around in search of some new soil to live in. Pups will grow plenteously at the foot of the plant, and stem cuttings will root readily. Congo Red in a nice pot or basket anywhere from low to high light is the perfect plant for any spot that still just needs a plant!

  • Air Purifying
  • Low Light
  • Low Maintenance

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Medium (3):  Water plant when dry. Plant does not like soil to always be moist, but doesn't like to stay dry once becomes dry. Water as soon as soil is dry.
  • Light - Low/Med (2):  These plants need some diffused light to stay happy. Prefers if there is a window in the room, but doesn't need to be very light nor close to it.
  • Difficulty - Low/Med (2):  A little less finicky than most. Doesn't require much attention at all.

View full breakdown of Care Guide here.