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6" Sansevieria Whitney


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This handsome guy was a single plant, hanging out ooking cool, waiting to be noticed in a crowded greenhouse full of Sansevieria Black Gold Superbas. A single mutation of those Black Golds, it was patented by its discoverer, Marvin Gonzalez Villegas in 2012. Fat blades in rich, piney green are bordered with a ribbon of lime to mint green and emerald printed patterns like the decorative edge of a woven blanket. Graceful blades curve upwards into an upside-down pyramid shape and with just a few leaves accomplish what the much fuller Sansevierias do with all their vertical fullness. With a little faster growth than other Sans, it gets to its mature height of around 18" faster too. Lovely in a simple pot or rough woven basket this quiet beauty thrives virtually anywhere.

  • Air Purifying
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Low Light
  • Low Maintenance

Quick Care Guide:

  • Water - Low/Med (2):  Doesn't need as much water, but doesn't like to stay dry for too long. Plant will become droopy when really thirsty.
  • Light - Low (1):  Doesn't need much if any light. Plants will be okay in a darker bedroom or bathroom.
  • Difficulty - Low (1):  These plants need barely any attention to thrive. Set it and forget it.

View full breakdown of Care Guide here.