7 Easy Flowering Houseplants We’re Low-Key Obsessed With

7 Easy Flowering Houseplants We’re Low-Key Obsessed With

For an easy way to liven things up indoors and bring some excitement to the scenery, you can never go wrong with flowering houseplants. They’re pretty nice plants to begin with, but when they’re in bloom, they’re on a whole other level of gorgeous. We selected a few favorites that are easy to care for, so you can flex on your friends with your top-tier houseplant collection without actually having to try that hard.  


The Secret To An Easy Home Decor Glow-Up: Flowering Houseplants

A huge houseplant collection is some elite-level interior decor, yet they’re way more affordable than a mid-century modern brunch table or a gallery wall of painted canvases. They really do energize and reinvigorate spaces, not just with their looks but also with their powerful air-purifying properties. To inject some good vibes and creativity into your home surroundings, scoop up some of these easy-care flowering houseplants:



Honestly, we are loving the chill, calm vibes this white flowering plant brings to the home space. It’s commonly known as the peace lily, which makes sense because when we look at it, an Enya song plays in our hearts. There’s a distinctly elegant nature about this houseplant, so it comes as a surprise to many when they hear it’s one of the most powerful air-purifying plants in existence! The peace lily is easy to care for and is generally low-maintenance, but if it does start to droop over one day, don’t stress—they bounce back pretty quickly once they’ve been watered or their sunlight issues have been corrected. 


flowering echeveria succulent


Did you know that this mega-popular succulent is a flowering houseplant too? If it gets enough sunshine in the summer, it will start to sprout cute little blossoms that look kind of like mini tulips along upright stems that can grow surprisingly tall! Once the stems stop growing and the flowers start to fade, nip the stem off at the base with sanitized shears. Ensure your echeveria is planted in a loose potting soil formulated for succulents or cacti—they don’t like their soil to be moist for too long!


hoya carnosa flowering plant

Hoya Carnosa

Seriously, the hoya plant is so underrated. It combines so many of our favorite qualities in a plant: it grows on vines, has cute succulent leaves, and has adorable pink flowers that smell incredible. You can let the vines trail down, but TBH we are all about the hoop trellis right now. Add a metal hoop trellis to your hoya’s pot, and then train the vines to grow around it like a wreath. The finished result has a gorgeous sculptural quality that brings an artistic aesthetic to your interior.


potted red anthurium


This flowering houseplant really stands out, with its single petaled, ultra-glossy flowers that look almost like patent leather or vinyl. Paired with their signature bright stamens in contrasting shades of gold and green, anthuriums really bring the glamour, yet they have an edgy vibe that feels fresh and unexpected. They’re definitely one of the easiest indoor plants to grow, so if you’re still kinda rusty when it comes to houseplant care, anthuriums are an awesome choice to bring home. 


red bromeliad tropical plants


What flowers stay in bloom all year? Bromeliads! Okay, well, technically, that bright display on top isn’t made of petals; they’re “bracts,” but it still totally counts. With amazing neon sunset colors like red, orange, magenta, and pink, bromeliads have all the high-impact colors of a retro lava lamp but with a stylish aesthetic that will better suit your room decor. They’re super easy to care for because you can water them directly overhead, and their curved leaves funnel all the water right to the center. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.


flowering tillandsia


That’s right; air plants are considered flowering houseplants! If you give them adequate sun and keep them well hydrated, you can expect these peculiar plants to surprise you with some colorful blossoms. The best thing about tillandsia is that they’re so versatile for decorating since they don’t need a pot of soil. Pop one in a glass terrarium, hang them from a string or just place one on top of a stack of books on the shelf. Wherever there’s sunshine and minimal cold drafts, your tillandsia should do just fine so long as you water it regularly.


lipstick plant red flowers

Lipstick Plant

No surprises why this plant got its name! Its red, tube-shaped flowers emerge from little individual casings just like a tube of M.A.C. lipstick in Russian Red. While it’s definitely one of the lesser-known flowering houseplants, it’s one of our favorite easy trailing plants for hanging baskets and floating shelves. The leaves cascade downwards so beautifully! The best place to hang a lipstick plant is in an east-facing window, so it gets plenty of warm, bright light in the morning but doesn’t get the intensely bright light of the afternoon. 


It’s kinda wild how much of an impact a single plant can have on the energy in a room! Want more easy-care flowering houseplants to give your home decor a fresh new look? Check out our full catalog to see everything available now, ready to be shipped directly to your door.