Pottery Trend Report: Cool & Unique Plant Pots For 2021

Pottery Trend Report: Cool & Unique Plant Pots For 2021

Stylized indoor plant pots are an awesome way to bring a bit of modern, artistic decor into your home. While terracotta is timeless, so many other unique styles of indoor plant pots are getting noticed this year. For some unique, functional decor that brings creative charm to your scenery and displays your plants in the coolest way possible, snatch up some of these trendsetting indoor plant pottery styles for 2021.


Function and Art Combine to Create These Unique Plant Pots

Ceramic art has been created for thousands of years globally, yet there are always new trends and innovations emerging. Keep an eye out for these cool indoor plant pot styles gaining attention in 2021. 


minimal line art on pottery

Minimalist Linear Art Motifs

That simple line drawing style is taking over the design world, from jewelry to textiles, tattoo art, and now plant pots! You can draw practically anything in this style—it’s just a matter of using one continuous line to create the image. For an easy way to decorate indoor plant pots with line art instead of searching for the perfect style in-store, print out a picture from the internet, trace it onto your plant pot, and then go over it with black paint. Google search whatever graphic you’d like to create, plus the words line art, ex: “portrait line art,” “monstera plant line art,” “typewriter line art.”  


propagation station in beakers

Fancy Propagation Stations

Multiplying your plant collection through propagation is a cool hobby that’s been trending big time! Many of us are accustomed to using our old souvenir shot glasses from Cancun to propagate our cuttings, but a much more stylish alternative is hitting the scene. Propagation stations that hold several glass containers for holding cuttings in water are actually really pretty, and they make plant propagation that much more fun! Try a wall-mounted model or a cute station for your desk that you can check every day to monitor root development.


woven basket planter

Woven Basket Planters

While they aren’t technically ceramic plant pots, weaving is an ancient art worthy of some love too! And the new woven basket planters that have been popping up are the perfect way to add some boho vibes to your decor without it looking too college dorm-y. Some have hanging straps so you can suspend them in your window. If you’ve got a larger plant or potted tree that you don’t want to repot, a large woven basket pot is perfect for hiding the cheap plastic container it came in. 


90s trend pottery

Funky 90s Plant Pots

We can’t get enough of those colorful geometric patterns that give us 90s flashbacks. From the purple and teal zigzag patterns on the side of Dixie cups to the crazy neon carpets they had in movie theaters and arcades, that pre-Y2K aesthetic is as fresh as ever. Look for pots covered in multicolored triangles and shapes, with little squiggles and sprinkles in fun retro shades. If you’re feeling extra creative, try making your own DIY version! Crank up your favorite 90s playlist, invite over the homies and give your plain plant pots a makeover.  


colour block pottery

Color Block Plant Pots

Minimalist doesn’t have to mean colorless! A simple color-blocked pattern with two or three shades creates a simple, high-contrast design that makes a statement without trying too hard. For a cool, more sophisticated look, try color combos like black and gold, grey and burgundy, or ivory and sapphire. For something a little sweeter and carefree, try delicate pastel tones like blush pink, mint, or lavender. You can easily make your own unique color-blocked indoor plant pots with some paint and plain terracotta pots—play around with contrasting finishes, like matte, glossy, or glitter paints for even more visual interest. 


modern plant stands

Mid Century Modern Pots With Stands

Playing with levels and varying heights can help create a more visually appealing design when you’ve got an assortment of several indoor plant pots. Plant stands are an easy way to elevate your plant pots, and we’re totally loving the mid-century modern stands that have come back in style. They’re typically made of wood and have a simplistic design with 3–4 wooden legs. Yet, despite their simplicity, they can make a plain white plant pot look so much more stylish by creating a contrast of color and texture.  


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