colourful houseplants for spring

8 Colorful Houseplants to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring!

Houseplants are the best way to add vibrant, attention-grabbing color to your home decor without it looking too, y’know, tacky. If you’re not into the simple, clean-cut, minimalist aesthetic, that’s totally cool! You’ve got a colorful personality, and you deserve a living space that looks the part. You can totally pull off a home decor style that looks modern and attractive while still flaunting those amazing rainbow colors.  


Creating Radical Rainbow Color At Home With Multicolored Houseplants

For bold decorative accents that invigorate your home, leave the lava lamps and mandala tapestries back at the college dorm. These colorful houseplants are the perfect touch to bring some excitement into your surroundings!


maranta plant with red stripes colourful plant for spring


This plant is constantly striking different poses throughout the day—it’s almost as though it wants to show off its amazing colors! The leaves rise and fall as the sunlight levels shift, revealing the rich burgundy undersides of its emerald green striped leaves. 

It prefers bright, indirect light, so don’t put it directly in a sunbeam, or it might get a bit scorched. Overall, maranta is a colorful and yet pretty chill, low-maintenance houseplant. If you take the time to fertilize it regularly and repot it every year or two, it can grow pretty big! 


red anthurium flamingo flower colourful plant for spring


The glossy, colorful bracts of this distinctive tropical houseplant command the attention of anyone who enters the room! You simply can’t miss this show stopper. We love the bold simplicity of its single-petalled flowers, encircling a golden stamen atop upright stems. 

They come in a few different colors, but personally, we think the candy apple red varieties are in a league of their own. Anthuriums are relatively easy to care for, and they have a super long lifespan, so they’re a pretty worthy addition to the plant collection!


pink and red Neoregelia colourful plant for spring


Emerging on the trendy houseplant scene is the neoregelia—a thoroughly underrated plant that comes in so many wild colors. This houseplant, which is a member of the bromeliad family, comes in a bunch of colorful combinations of red, green, pink, and white. 

However, the solid-colored varieties like “Fireball” have just as much visual impact. For something a little different, try one of our wall-mounted neoregelia plaques! They’re epiphytic like orchids, so they don’t need a pot full of soil to thrive.


croton with bright yellow and red leaves colourful plant for spring


If we’re talking about colorful houseplants, we’ve got to talk about crotons. The neon stoplight colors of this tropical stunner really do light up the room! Vibrant red, yellow, and green leaves will stay saturated with color so long as they receive lots of direct sunshine. Don’t over-water your croton—allow the top few inches of soil to dry out between watering. To keep it looking its best and brightest, give it a quick wipe down with a damp cloth regularly to remove dust off its leaves. 


pink cryptanthus colourful plant for spring


There’s a distinctly edgy and cool vibe to the cryptanthus, and it’s not just because of the badass name! Its sleek blades of foliage have such unexpected color patterns and stripes. Some have long, vertical stripes in neon pink shades, while others have black and white horizontal zebra stripes. 

While many houseplants with colorful leaves are often assumed to be toxic to pets, the cryptanthus is totally pet-friendly, so you can bring one home if you’ve got cats or dogs.  


colorful echeveria varieties plants for spring


There seems to be an echeveria in every single color of the rainbow! From dusty pinks, purples, and blues, to deep green and fiery orange, this swirly succulent makes a big splash on its own. If you really wanna amp up the color, create your own mixed arrangement with assorted succulents in a fabulous spectrum of shades! 

Echeveria have a shallow root system, so you can get creative with the kinds of containers you use for planting. Try making a DIY succulent frame to hang on your wall for a beautiful piece of living art! 


lime green variegated dracaena colourful plant for spring


Easily one of our favorite indoor houseplants with colorful foliage, the dracaena is a perfect plant for beginners. It’s so easy to care for, and its lemon-lime leaves are an instant mood booster. Striped varieties like “Greenstripe” and “Sunray” have a striking color contrast that just perks up the room. Then there are solid-color varieties like “Limelight” in a shade of lime green that’s so bright, you’ve probably only ever seen it before on the Nickelodeon network.   


stromanthe triostar leaf closeup colourful plant for spring

Stromanthe Sanguinea ‘Triostar’

Its name is quite a mouthful, but the spellbinding Stromanthe sanguinea is unforgettable! Its elegant leaves look like they were painted with strokes of cream, pink, and forest green, with raspberry red coating on the undersides and stems. 

They do pretty well in lower-light rooms, so if you’ve only got one small window, this beauty will help brighten things up a bit! It can grow up to 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide at full size, so it can make quite the statement. 


For more colorful houseplants to bring good vibes into your space, check out our full catalog to see what’s available now! If you can’t seem to get enough greenery in your life, sign up for our Plant of the Month Club for a brand new surprise plant delivered right to your door each month.


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