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8 Modern Indoor Plants for Your Harvest Dining Table

Feeling uninspired by the same old ornamental gourds and kitschy dining table decor? Tabletop plants make gorgeous, modern Thanksgiving centerpieces—plus, you can keep them afterward and enjoy their vibrant color year-round, instead of just for the holidays. Here’s a list of the best indoor plants worthy of a place on your dining table this Thanksgiving. 


Thanksgiving Cactus 

Like other holiday cacti, this plant gets its name from the season in which it blooms, so you can expect it to produce plenty of bright blooms around November. Most varieties have bright magenta flowers, but there are also yellow, white, and deep red varieties, so you’ve got lots of options to complement the fall color palette of your dining table display.


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This fabulous tropical indoor plant has such electrifying color! Its green leaves are splashed with blazing red and harvest gold, so it’s perfect for fall decor. There are many different crotons to choose from, with distinctive leaf shapes and colorful patterns, so you can gather up a few different varieties on your dining table to add texture and visual interest.  



Succulent centerpieces are so much fun to design! Gather up an assortment of succulents in different sizes and colors. Choose a mix of shapes and growth patterns, like Echeveria rosettes, spiky Haworthia, and long, trailing Senecio. Cluster them together, playing with different heights and elevating the ones in the center by placing them on top of decorative accents, like pieces of driftwood.  


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Chinese Evergreen 

Known as one of the most low-maintenance indoor plants, the Chinese Evergreen is one of the best contenders for your dining table centerpiece design. Their leaves have such fascinating patterns that look hand-painted! Some Chinese Evergreens, like 'Leprechaun,have that super trendy silver variegation everyone is obsessed with these days. Others like 'Red Valentine' are speckled with rosy pink, while 'Golden Madonnais streaked with golden honey tones. 


African Violet 

Something about those plush, velvety leaves feels so luxurious and elegant! And with rich, jewel-toned blooms in every imaginable shade of purple and pink, the African violet definitely deserves a spot on your dining table this Thanksgiving. They’re super easy to take care of—just make sure you don’t get their fuzzy leaves wet!


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The incredible leaves of this popular foliage plant are supercharged with color! The bronze, red, and gold-toned varieties remind us of a California desert sunset, hitting all the right notes for a harvest dining table spread. They’re fantastic for mixed arrangements too, so if you want to put several indoor plants in one decorative container, coleus looks amazing as a filler for gaps between taller plants. 



Also known as the Arrowhead, this dazzling tropical beauty has pointed leaves like dragon wings and distinctive color variegation highlighting the veins throughout its foliage. We love Syngonium 'Merry Maria' for its darker, ashy green leaves with a subtle rose blush. Their upright growth habit makes them ideal for mixed arrangements—place your Syngonium in the center and surround it with shorter, mounded indoor plants or trailing plants.   


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Green ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is one of the best indoor plants for dining table centerpieces because it barely needs any light to survive. If the window light situation isn’t ideal in your dining room, you won’t have to worry about leaving your ZZ plant on the table for a week or two. Its glossy leaves grow along tall, sturdy stems, giving it an artsy, architectural shape that brings an air of modernity to your Thanksgiving centerpiece. 


Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in sunny California or snowy Minnesota, Plant Decor Shop can ship the best indoor plants for your dining table straight to your home! Browse our full catalog to see all our incredible new indoor plants, from vibrant tropicals to swirling succulents and low-maintenance plants for beginners. Happy Thanksgiving!



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