6 Colorful Plants That Will Stand Out From Your Collection

Colorama: 6 Colorful Plants That Will Stand Out From Your Collection

Green plants are great and all, but we can’t help but do a double-take whenever we see super colorful plants in unexpected shades like hot pink, purple, and red. Adding a few into the mix with all your gloriously green plants will bring some excitement and personality to your space. 


Make a Statement With Colorful Plants Flaunting Red, Pink, and Purple Hues

For the most striking color contrast, it’s good to pair shades with whatever sits opposite on the color wheel. So, when you’ve got a bunch of green plants, anything with red tones like pink or purple will really pop! These six mega-colorful plants are big attention-getters, with vibrant foliage striped with gorgeous rosy tones like a California sunset! 


Calathea Dottie

This absolute stunner is a total fashionista. Its black leaves have scalloped hot pink stripes, with a distinctly Parisian vibe that brings to mind classic Chanel couture. It’s a prayer plant, so its leaves will rise and fall each day, striking different poses like a catwalk model. The Calathea Dottie needs a humid environment and distilled water to keep its leaves looking glossy and gorgeous, so mist it regularly and avoid using tap water. 

calathea dottie peperomia abricos

Peperomia Abricos

One of our all-time favorite pet-friendly houseplants, the Peperomia Abricos, never fails to impress us with its gorgeous foliage. The color scheme is quite galactic, with midnight blue-grey leaves and sparkles of pink and pale gold highlighting the borders. It’s a very resilient plant, so if you’ve got rowdy pets or kids (or if you’re just the clumsy type), then we definitely recommend getting a Peperomia! They typically bounce back quickly if they ever get knocked over. 


Syngonium Strawberry Cream

We can’t help but sigh whenever we catch a glimpse of this blushing beauty. The Syngonium Strawberry Cream brings an air of romance and femininity with its delicate pink veins and a soft rosy glow. Like many other tropical plants, the Syngonium doesn’t like direct sun on its leaves, or else they’ll get scorched and crispy. To keep it looking pretty in pink, place it somewhere with bright, indirect sunlight or near a window with sheer curtains to diffuse the sunbeams. 

syngonium strawberry cream cryptanthus hot pink

Cryptanthus Hot Pink

Few plants have the attitude and edge of the Cryptanthus Hot Pink, and it’s not just because the name sounds like a cool 80’s metal album. This spiky plant is from the Bromeliad family, and its long, rippled leaves stick out in every direction, like the haircut your cousin got during his short-lived punk phase. Cryptanthus leaves have a naturally stiff, dry texture, so don’t be alarmed if your plant seems dehydrated. It’s not dead; it’s just weird! But like, the good kind of weird.   


Echeveria Afterglow 

This jewel-toned succulent has the most incredible icy purple leaves with a crisp pink trim and just a slight flush of green. It almost looks iridescent, like a glassy crystal geode! Echeveria Afterglow is quite drought-tolerant and loves lots of sun; as long as you can find a spot with lots of bright light, it’s pretty easy to grow. With enough sun, it will sprout some pretty pink flowers too!  

echeveria afterglow tradescantia nanouk

Tradescantia Nanouk

Trailing plants are so stylish and beautiful, especially in hanging baskets, and the Tradescantia Nanouk is definitely a top favorite. The colorful leaves are striped with soft green, creamy white, and a lovely shade that’s the perfect mix of pink and purple. If the vines ever get too long or unruly, you can very easily propagate them into an entirely new plant. Just cut the stem right above the node (the bump where a new section of the stem begins to branch out) and keep it in a small cup of water on the windowsill. Soon it will sprout roots and can be replanted!


There are plenty more pink, red, and purple plants where that came from! Our California greenhouse is packed with colorful plants ready to be shipped to your door. Browse our full catalog today—something spectacular is sure to pop up!