how to water indoor plants while on vacation

Hasta la Vista, Houseplants: How to Water Indoor Plants While On Vacation

Now that holiday trips and world-traveling are totally a thing again, some folks are wondering how to keep their plants watered while on vacation. Nothing ruins the relaxed, carefree vacation vibe like returning home to a bunch of dead plants! But don’t stress—there are plenty of clever ways to water your plants while you’re away. Here are a few tricks to keep them happy and hydrated while you’re soaking up the sun on a beach 500 miles away.


How Do I Take Care of My Plants While On Vacation?

Watering plants while on holiday is easier than you think! We’ve got a few hacks for keeping the soil moist, as well as protecting your indoor plants from conditions that could dehydrate them further. If you’re planning on leaving for a vacation for more than a week, these tips will be super helpful!


Give Them A Good Feeding Right Before You Leave

Lots of water and a little bit of indoor plant fertilizer will help give your plants the boost they need, so they’ll remain strong and nourished while you’re away. Just make sure you don’t drown them to compensate—drowning your plant won’t do any good!

watering dieffenbachia before vacation

Drip Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system that drips a small, controlled amount of water constantly is a fantastic way to keep your plants watered over long periods. There are some high-tech models you can use, as well as some more simple and pretty ones, like aqua globes. Aqua globes are made from colorful blown glass, and all you have to do is fill them with water and stick the spout in the soil. From there, they’ll release just enough moisture to keep your plant happy while you're on vacation. 


DIY Irrigation Systems

Don’t feel like splurging on high-tech irrigation equipment? You don’t have to! There are so many neat DIY methods for watering plants, so you can keep that extra spending money for your vacation! You can modify something as simple as an old pop bottle into a fully functional DIY irrigation system. Search online to find a simple tutorial using materials you already have at home.

self watering device peace lily

Self-Watering Pots

If you’re big on traveling, or if you’ve just got a hectic schedule, self-watering pots are a worthwhile investment! They come with built-in reservoirs that release moisture into your plant’s soil. You can also buy conversion kits that will transform your current pots into containers that can self-water.


Water Pebble Trays

Many plants thrive in humidity, and it helps keep their leaves healthy and supple. Fill a tray with water and pebbles, and then place your indoor plants on top. This creates a comfortable, moist environment for your plants, so their leaves won’t get all dried up.


The Group Huddle

Placing all your plants together in a group helps to boost humidity and keep them from drying out as quickly. When you do the final round of watering as you’re getting ready to leave your plants on vacation, gather them all together, so there isn’t much space between them. 

huddle of houseplants palms philodendron

Move Them Out Of Direct Sun

Bright, direct sun will evaporate soil moisture quickly. If you want to prevent your indoor plants from drying up while you’re on vacation, move them away from any bright sunbeams. Instead, move them to a spot with bright, indirect light a few feet away from the window. This way, they’ll still get sunshine, but they won’t get overheated. 


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