Super Lush Houseplants summer tropicals

Into the Thick of It: Super-Lush Houseplants

If you want to feel like you’re tramping through the bush every time you enter your living room, you should definitely snatch up some of these extra-lush houseplants. Watch your step! You might have trouble seeing where you’re going when you get into the thick of your indoor jungle. 


These Lush Houseplants Bring A Sense of Adventure To Your Space 

You’ll love the vibrant green color, voluminous foliage, and crisp clean air that fills your home when you add these houseplants to the scenery. Plus, a room full of lush houseplants makes a pretty sweet backdrop for making TikTok videos, so it will be well worth your while. 


schefflera arboricola umbrella tree

Schefflera Arboricola

What’s a jungle without some trees? Your indoor paradise wouldn’t be complete without a Schefflera Arboricola, otherwise known as the “Umbrella Tree.” Its distinctive leaves fan out like stars at the end of each long, skinny branch. They start off small, but can reach up to 15 feet indoors! Don’t be intimidated by the idea of keeping a tree alive inside—this variety is actually quite low-maintenance. 

dracaena craigii compacta

Dracaena Craigii Compacta

The dracaena is a great beginner plant, perfect for anyone embarking on their first adventure in houseplant care. It has a satisfyingly even shape, forming a rounded, symmetrical, dark green orb. How could it possibly be so perfect? While its foliage is quite thick and tightly bound together, the Dracaena Craigii Compacta is one of the smaller varieties in this family of plants. This makes it great for adding as much greenery as possible into a tiny space.  

stromanthe sanguinea triostar

Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar

This dazzling rainbow houseplant looks like it came from an animated cartoon world! We love those bold red, pink, white, and green stripes. Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar can reach up to 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide indoors, so it’s great for bringing the lush rainforest vibe to your decor. It grows well in bright, indirect lighting to maintain its brilliant colors. This vivid houseplant will help brighten things up in any space!  

calathea rufibarbra

Calathea Rufibarbra

Definitely one of the most lush calathea houseplants around. While most varieties have flat, round leaves, the Calathea Rufibarbra has long, ruffled leaves that bring gorgeous texture and visual interest to your decor. It’s totally non-toxic and pet-friendly, so if you’ve got kids or pets that are likely to sample the goods, you can rest assured they won’t get sick. 

ficus decora burgundy

Ficus Decora Burgundy

Bring on the drama with the extraordinary, eye-catching Ficus Decora Burgundy—the leaves are almost black! It’s not often you encounter a plant as dark and mysterious as this one in the wild. Adding one to your home space will definitely add to the lush rainforest aesthetic, but with an air of mystery that you’ll totally love. 

peace lily with woven pot cover

Spathiphyllum Dario

A lush tropical peace lily is the perfect houseplant to fill your home with plenty of glossy green foliage and beautiful flowers. On top of that, the Spathiphyllum Dario is a super powerful air refreshing plant. That means it helps clear out airborne toxins and carcinogens, like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, which get released from household products and appliances. A cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful home awaits! 

kimberly queen fern

Fern, Kimberly Queen

Yass Queen! We had to save the most lush houseplant for last, and the Fern, Kimberly Queen definitely takes that title. That voluminous hairdo puts most ‘80s glam rock singers to shame! To keep this royal beauty looking her best, spritz that thick, frilly foliage with a fine mist of water. The soil should be watered a little bit more often than your other houseplants, but don’t overdo it—allow the top few inches of soil to dry out before watering.


Where Can I Buy Healthy Houseplants?

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