Indoor Plants With White and Silver Foliage

The Platinum Blondes: Indoor Plants with White and Silver Foliage

Most of us have to drop $300 at the salon to pull off the platinum blonde look, but these indoor plants are naturally blessed with white and silver foliage! Those icy tones bring an effortlessly cool edge to your living space, making a bold statement in the most subtle way. If crisp, monochrome palettes send your heart soaring, you’ll absolutely love the way these beauties blend right in with your home decor.


Get The Old Hollywood Glam Look With Silver Foliage Indoor Plants 

In a world full of Norma Jeans, bring on the Marilyn Monroe vibes and go full-on blonde bombshell with these stunning silver foliage indoor plants. I mean, it’s certainly easier than bleaching your hair! 


snow queen pothos white variegated houseplant

Snow Queen Pothos

Honestly, they really nailed the name with this one. Snow Queen Pothos is serving some ice-cold Elsa looks, with long, silver foliage that trails down in vines. Every day is a good hair day with this queen, yet they’re much less high-maintenance than your typical royal! Hang one of these beauties in your living room, and resist the urge to sing “Let It Go.” No, seriously, resist the urge—it took years to get that song out of our heads. 

peperomia silver frost houseplant

Peperomia Silver Frost

We love peperomias because their foliage is so tough—if you knock one over, you can pot it right back up, and they’ll likely remain unscathed! If you’ve got pets or rowdy kids with limitless energy, a Peperomia Silver Frost is the perfect pick. And, unlike fancy white furniture, they’re hard to ruin and easy to replace! They don’t grow especially quickly, so they’ll stay a bit more compact, making them great for glamming up your desk space or bookshelf. 

silver splash scindapsus pictus houseplant

Silver Splash Scindapsus Pictus

Often lumped in with the pothos crew, the Silver Splash Scindapsus Pictus is a very similar indoor plant with heart-shaped leaves and a vining habit. They have more of a matte silver finish to their foliage, so the vibe is a little more modern and chill, complementing minimalist aesthetics and artsy loft decor style. It does great in rooms with low light, so if you don’t quite have the floor-to-ceiling windows you’d typically see in an artsy loft apartment, you can still get the look with this metallic foliage beauty! 

Calathea Setosa Grey Star houseplant

Calathea Setosa Grey Star

Calatheas are a type of prayer plant, which means their leaves rise and fall, constantly shifting as sunlight levels change. A platinum blonde that’s always striking poses? Hey Alexa, play “Vogue” by Madonna! And just like the Material Girl, this plant has a taste for the finer things in life. To keep your Calathea Setosa Grey Star happy, you’re much better off using distilled water than tap water, and you should mist it every now and again to keep that foliage looking perky and glossy. 

dieffenbachia camille potted white variegation

Dieffenbachia Camille 

This indoor plant with warmer toned silver-white foliage is also called Dumbcane, but don’t call her that to her face—blondes can be sensitive about that kind of thing. The Dieffenbachia Camille is a more petite variety that only reaches about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide at maturity. Its large, wide leaves are light in the center and trimmed with a green border. Do not underestimate the tenacity of this silver foliage plant—it is one of the toughest plants out there, and doesn’t need you to fuss over it. Just water her when the soil is dry, make sure she gets some bright, indirect light, and she’ll be happy.  

pothos n joy white variegated houseplant

Pothos N’Joy

Here’s another silver foliage pothos to toss into the mix! What makes the Pothos N’Joy so special? Well, it’s been specially bred to be as voluminous as possible, so as far as platinum blonde indoor plants go, this one’s the Dolly Parton of the group. We could stare at this gorgeous plant from 9 to 5 and never get tired of it! Instead of speckles or splashes of white and silver, these pothos have distinct leaf borders that look like they were dipped in white chocolate.  

white variegated tradescantia

Variegated Tradescantia Fluminensis

Remember when Lindsay Lohan had those chunky blonde streaks in Freaky Friday, and suddenly everyone was rushing to the salon to snag her look? Well, the variegated Tradescantia Fluminensis is sporting the exact same style, with ultra-long tendrils of streaked silver foliage, except instead of being a natural redhead, the leaves are emerald green and silver. And unlike Ms. Lohan’s signature coif, the tradescantia looks trendy as ever, and doesn’t quite have the same 00’s Disney-produced pop-punk vibes.  

There are plenty more platinum blonde foliage indoor plants where that came from! To see more gorgeous plants with silver and white variegation throughout their foliage, browse our full catalog online to see what’s available now. Stay fabulous, darlings!