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7 Houseplants to Raise the Vibes in Your Bathroom

7 Houseplants to Raise the Vibes in Your Bathroom

Indulging in a self-care bubble bath just doesn’t hit right if the room decor is dull. Brighten up the scenery in your bathroom with these humidity-loving plants!
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8 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Plants that Last Longer Than Roses!

8 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Plants that Last Longer Than Roses!

Stumped on what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Here are the most romantic plants to order now for home delivery!
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Illuminating Houseplant Design with the 2021 Pantone Colors Of The Year

Illuminating Houseplant Design with the 2021 Pantone Colors Of The Year

Every December, the design trend powerhouses at Pantone forecast the hottest colors of the year with one color dominating fashion runways, home decor catalogs, and digital designs for the upcoming year, but in an exciting twist, Pantone chose not one but two colors of the year to share the title for 2021! 

We couldn’t be more excited about this unexpected color combo—a stark contrast from 2020’s simple, classic blue. Discover the trendiest, modern shades for the new year and how you can pull off a stellar houseplant display by incorporating these colors strategically into your design. 

What Are The 2021 Color Trends Of The Year?

The two colors chosen by Pantone really couldn’t be more different from each other, and yet they pair so perfectly together! While they look lovely on their own, there is a certain type of sleek modernity and stimulating effect achieved when you pair them together, creating invigorating energy that breathes new life into tired spaces.

illuminating and ultimate grey pantone colors of 2021

The first color is an absolute showstopper: Illuminating Yellow. This electric lemon shade is all sunshine and positivity. It’s no surprise why it earned its name—it really does light up the room! Yet, at the same time, there’s a sensible and smart quality about this primary color, so it doesn’t feel ostentatious or gaudy. Plus, studies show that rooms filled with bright yellow help to improve focus and work motivation, so it’s great if you’re still trying to figure out the whole work-from-home thing.   

The second color is a much more subdued, classic neutral: Ultimate Grey! This ultra-versatile shade helps ground the intensity of Illuminating Yellow, bringing a cool sophistication that brings to mind modern studio lofts and the old-meets-new aesthetic of repurposed industrial materials. Think concrete, steel, and stone!  

Using Illuminated Yellow in Your Houseplant Design

One of the great things about bright yellow is that it occurs pretty commonly in the plant world, so there’s an impressive variety of houseplants to choose from that sport this sunny shade. An easy way to add a splash of yellow into your houseplant display is by picking up some variegated plants with yellow accents. Houseplants with multicolored foliage are hugely popular right now, so a yellow variegated plant will hit all the right notes.

Some of our favorite yellow variegated plants include:

We’ve even got a few houseplants in store that are almost entirely yellow, such as:


illuminating yellow pantone color 2021 houseplants

Some houseplants even produce yellow flowers, like the kalanchoe: an easy-care succulent with gorgeous scalloped leaves and thick clusters of ultra-vibrant blossoms. Cacti often produce yellow flowers as well—be sure to double-check which variety you’re purchasing to ensure you get the bloom color you want, though! 

If you really want to brighten things up, you can also repot some of your existing houseplants into bright yellow containers. You might be able to find some if you shop around, but to get the color just right, you could also buy and paint some terracotta plant pots to match the exact Pantone shade. 


gray and yellow concrete planters

Houseplant Styling with Ultimate Grey

The easiest way to add Ultimate Grey into your houseplant decor is with containers! Concrete planters in 3D geometric designs are taking the design world by storm, and their artful, cubist aesthetic is effortlessly cool. Smaller decorative concrete planters are perfect for succulents and cacti, but you can also find some larger ones (or make your own if you’re into DIY projects) to pot up your bigger plants.  

Plain metal pots look great as well, particularly when made from repurposed metal with a bit of a rustic patina finish. That being said, try not to have too many of the same kind of container in grey. When you’re working with a neutral shade like that, you still want to have some variety, and the best way to do that is by playing with different textures and finishes. 

Shiny metals, tarnished metals, glazed grey clay pots, and matte concrete all have entirely different appearances. Yet, they’re all the same tone, so creating a mixed assortment can add significant visual interest in the most subtle, simple way. 

If your potted plants are near the window and the sun tends to dry up the soil a bit quickly during the hot summer months, it might be worth layering some decorative grey pebbles on top! They’re certainly a lot prettier than plain old soil, and they help retain water by slowing the sun from evaporating all the moisture in the soil. 


ultimate gray pantone color 2021 plants

Believe it or not, we’ve even got some grey houseplants in store to break up the sea of green that makes up your houseplant collection. Check out some of these incredible grey foliage plants you can buy from Plant Decor Shop:

Even if you aren’t big on following trends and copying the design experts, there’s no denying that these contemporary colors look amazing when paired together for home decor. To give your home or office a fresh, updated look to ring in the new year, visit Plant Decor Shop and see all the incredible new houseplants ready to be shipped right to your door.


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5 Gorgeous Kitchen Plants to Spruce Up Your Space

5 Gorgeous Kitchen Plants to Spruce Up Your Space

Picture this: you’re enjoying the first sip of your morning coffee in a sunny kitchen full of lush, green plants. Sounds kinda perfect, right? Brighten your morning routine with these gorgeous houseplants for the kitchen!
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7 Perfect Plants for Minimalists

7 Perfect Plants for Minimalists

The minimalist aesthetic is all about the "less is more" mindset. These houseplants are perfect for pulling off the look!
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decorating with houseplants boho interior plant decor shop

9 Great Ways to Decorate with Plants

It’s an all-too-familiar experience: bringing home a medley of new plants and having literally zero ideas where to put them. It takes some effort to find inventive ways to display your houseplants without taking up all the available real estate! One only has so many windowsills. 

The good news is, we kinda have a thing for collecting houseplants, so we’ve gotten pretty crafty with ways of integrating plants into modern home decor. If you’re in need of some creative inspo to freshen up your living space, take a look through our nine favorite houseplant decor trends for this season.


get houseplants on the floor

Get on the Floor

You don’t need a designer budget to create a magazine-ready look with your houseplants! Arranging groups of plants of the floor is great for achieving a minimalist look that comes off as both polished and welcoming. The trick to pulling off the look is to mix up the plant heights and group them up in odd numbers. Try arranging a 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch pot together near a sliding glass door or floor-length window and watch how it transforms the space! For an even more cohesive display, place the pots inside wicker or canvas baskets.


warm the bench with houseplants

Warm the Bench

Want to add some life to a small, blank wall? A simple wooden bench makes a low-profile, yet striking, plant stand! The rustic or vintage look works in your favor when putting your plant bench together, so search on Craigslist or your fave thrift store before dropping a bundle at Pottery Barn. Even a small bench can usually hold a ton of houseplants, so don’t be afraid to nestle in as many as you want. (Just say you’re building “bench strength!”) Finish the look by hanging a large mirror on the wall behind the bench; it will pull the design together while bouncing extra light onto your plants.


plant centerpieces

Plant Centerpieces

While a vase of fresh flowers makes a gorgeous centerpiece, all those blooms add up very quickly. You can get that same vibrant, lively look by using live plants as centerpieces instead! A centerpiece should complement the size of the table, so make sure the plant or plant grouping leaves plenty of tablespace for your dishes, glasses, and serveware. Avoid using plants that are more than a foot tall—you don’t want to block anyone’s view! Instead, opt for shorter, mounded plants or a group of three small ones.


houseplants on floating shelves

Gallery Wall with Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the secret weapon of any bonafide houseplant addict. Try using a few small shelves spaced out across the wall amongst a mix of different sized canvases, then add a few potted succulents and some trailing plants like pothos or string of pearls. Work with different heights and levels to achieve some balance and visual interest. Really make use of those skills you gained from playing Tetris back in the day—you gotta find the best way to fit all those different shapes into one rectangular wall! Alternatively, you could install a few extra-long floating shelves, one above the other, and fill each one with a mix of framed photos, houseplants, artwork, and other accent pieces.


peg board shelving

Peg Board Shelving

If you love the concept of a gallery wall but don’t trust yourself with a level and power drill, peg boards make it easy to get the look without all the measuring. The pegs make it easy to insert shelves and brackets in minutes, while the grid format makes it easy to get creative with perfectly-aligned arrangements. Plus, if you like to change up your decor every season, switching out the design is a cinch. Put a few up in your home office to become the envy of everyone in your Zoom calls.


living green canvas

Living Green Canvas

Is there anything more visually satisfying than a lush, green wall full of glossy plants? That double impact of color and texture adds so much energy and life into a space—plus, the air purifying effects of that many plants will make a considerable difference in your home’s air quality. Some common houseplants that can handle life on the vertical axis include: 

There are plenty of DIY tutorials available online for making your own living green canvas frame, and some can even be equipped with irrigation systems, so you don’t even have to worry about watering them. While it takes a reasonable amount of set-up to get it assembled and hung, the finished results are a whole other level of gorgeous.


houseplant room divider

Room Dividers

Pick up some large, backless shelves and position them so they extend outward from the wall. Secure them into place so they don’t tip over, cover those shelves with as many plants as possible, and boom! Not only do you have a vibrant plant display that holds tons of containers—now you’ve got a redesigned room layout that gives you so many more options for arranging furniture. They’re perfect for sectioning off a cozy reading nook or a private corner that you can turn into your makeshift work-from-home office.


spruce up the bar

Spruce Up The Bar

Decorating your bar (or bar cart) with potted plants is like the cherry on the sundae. It completes the look and adds some bold color to offset all the metal and glassware. Even if you don’t have a full bar setup, we love the idea of having shelves of assorted glassware and small houseplants. Glasses are transparent, so it’s not like they’re going to be blocking the sunlight from reaching your plants!


hanging glass terrariums

Hanging Glass Terrariums

If the macrame hangers are a bit too ‘70s “cottagecore” for your tastes, might we suggest opting for some sleek glass terrariums? We really dig the 3D geometric shapes they come in, and while they look just fine perched on a desk or side table, they look so lovely hanging in front of a window. While you can technically fill them with soil, since the containers are transparent and elevated, you might not love the look of visible dirt. Instead, we recommend trying an alternative soil medium, like pebbles, sand, peat moss, or water. 

For an ultra-minimalist approach, just toss in a few air plants—no planting medium needed! For a little extra flair, you can try weaving in some LED lights to create a dreamy, twinkling display that illuminates the room at night.  


Houseplants really do breathe new life into a space, and being cooped up indoors feels a heck of a lot nicer when you’re surrounded by nature. Ready to stock up on some new greenery for your home base? Visit Plant Decor Shop online to browse our full collection—from popular classics to the trendiest new houseplants of 2020!

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