8 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Plants that Last Longer Than Roses!

8 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Plants that Last Longer Than Roses!

Cut flowers have always been the go-to for Valentine’s Day, but you don’t get to enjoy them for very long, so we think plants are a far superior alternative! That being said, some plants just give off more of a lovey-dovey vibe than, say, a prickly cactus. So, to make your Valentine’s Day gift shopping as fuss-free as possible, we compiled this list of the most romantic plants to give your special someone this February. 


8 Plants to Give for Valentine’s Day

Bouquets last for a couple of weeks, and chocolates last for a couple of minutes (or... seconds...). Give your partner one of these houseplants, and you’ll brighten up their home or office for years to come! 


monstera deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

This ultra-photogenic, tropical stunner is quite a hot commodity in the houseplant world. Anyone who’s ever spent ten minutes scrolling through Instagram is surely well-acquainted with this trendy plant. It’s kind of a flex to have a monstera deliciosa in your living room—it has the visual impact of a piece of art, and it’s pretty much an interior design MVP. If splurging on some new designer duds isn’t in the budget this year, a potted monstera will definitely be a hit with your style-savvy sweetheart.  


sansevieria hahnii

Sansevieria Hahnii

It’s a hahnii for your honey! The sansevieria, or “snake plant,” is a fantastic gift for beginner plant owners or those who haven’t been blessed with a green thumb. It’s about as resilient as it gets, with sturdy leaves that won’t wilt if you forget to water it for a few weeks. The sansevieria hahnii is especially lovely, with bright golden streaks painting each emerald leaf. It’s perfect for brightening up dimmer rooms with little window light. 


lipstick plant

Lipstick Plants

To accompany a tender Valentine’s Day smooch, give your loved one a lipstick plant! These sweet, quirky plants have bright red and pink blooms that emerge from tube-like casings, hence the name lipstick plant. Its foliage tends to trail downward, so it looks quite attractive in a hanging basket. The vibrant flowers dangle like little ornaments, bringing a bright burst of color to perk up your February.   


hoya kerrii


There are many different varieties of hoya, but really, they all make amazing Valentine’s Day gifts! For starters, there’s the hoya kerrii, which is literally shaped like a heart! Um, hello? That’s downright adorable. Then there’s the hoya carnosa, with long, trailing stems that bloom with beautiful clusters of candy pink flowers. The stems can be gently twisted around a trellis to provide support, so if you want to go all out for Valentine’s Day, make a heart-shaped trellis out of wire and attach it to the container. Twist the branches around the heart, and your loved one’s heart will surely melt!


pothos n joy

Pothos N’Joy

For all the joy they bring you, give some in return with the oh so sweet pothos n’joy! With its dazzling white variegated foliage, this trailing plant has an effortlessly cool look that adds a touch of modern style to your decor. They grow quite quickly and can be easily propagated from cuttings, so if your partner really loves it, they can multiply their collection! Place it on a floating shelf so you can best enjoy its elegant tapestry of leafy vines. 


senecio string of pearls


If you don’t have faith in your taste in jewelry, skip the trip to Tiffany’s and get them a string of pearls! A senecio string of pearls that is. These trailing succulents have marble shaped foliage that grows along stringy vines, just like a beaded jade necklace! But that’s not the only kind of senecio available. There’s also the string of dolphins, which, believe it or not, looks exactly like a pot full of jumping dolphins. And then there’s the string of bananas, which would be pretty darn cute if you paired it with a stuffed plush monkey!  


string of hearts

Ceropegia String of Hearts

This gorgeous trailing plant has all the visual appeal of a silvery green ivy vine, but with the beautiful added bonus of bright ruby red stems and heart shaped leaves. Despite its delicate appearance, this ceropegia is incredibly tough, low-maintenance, and tolerant of low light, so upkeep is a total breeze! It’s also pet-friendly, so if your dogs or cats have been known to sample the greens once in a while, they won’t end up with an upset stomach. What’s not to love about this emerald green stunner? 


Buy a Plant Subscription for Valentine’s Day!

If you can’t decide which plant is the perfect pick for your perfect match, get them a gift that keeps on giving! Our plant subscriptions are ideal for the budding plant collector who wants to build up an impressive assortment. Every month we’ll ship them a surprise plant, in either a small or medium size, depending on your chosen package. I know, amazing, right?

For a sweet and sentimental gift that doesn’t feel cheesy or clichéd, plants are the way to go! To see more amazing houseplants to give as gifts this Valentine’s Day, browse the Plant Decor Shop site to see everything available now to be shipped to your door!


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