10 Trending Plants You Have to Get This Year

10 Trending Plants You Have to Get This Year

The 2010s were all about flaunting the latest technology, but if social media has shown us anything, it’s that influencers are now all about the hottest trending houseplants. 2020 saw an explosion of houseplant culture, with people across the globe taking an interest in the beautiful new varieties and colorful cultivars on the market. 

Houseplants transcend simple home decor—they truly improve your life, making the air in your home cleaner, and bringing the vibrant beauty of nature into your living space. Take a look at these trending houseplants for 2021 that you’ll absolutely love to have in your collection:


trailing senecio

Trailing Senecio

One of the biggest 2021 houseplant trends is shelves full of trailing greenery, creating thick ropes of foliage that hang down like drapes. Trailing Senecio succulents like string of pearls and string of dolphins bring such a fun, youthful quality that will stand out from the rest of your houseplant collection. They have a fantastic ornamental quality, with cartoonishly cute foliage—how could you not love a basket full of jumping miniature dolphins? Totes adorbs.




The elegant anthurium is a top trending plant in 2021, with its dark, shiny foliage and vibrant, single-petalled flowers curled around a golden stamen. Anthuriums have a glossy appearance that looks as though they were painted with lacquer, and they bring an exotic tropical vibe that adds excitement and interest to the surroundings.




Out of the way Monstera—this social media superstar is taking the top spot for trending plants on Instagram for 2021! Also known as Elephant Ear, this houseplant gets much love for its distinctive leaves that feature irregular borders and striking color contrasts—most commonly seen with white veins against deep green. Some even have zebra stripes covering their stems!


ficus weeping fig


Next on the list of trending plants, the Ficus, or Weeping Fig, is a gorgeous miniature tree that you can easily grow indoors. It has flexible trunks that some growers will braid together as it develops, creating a beautifully twisted tree that looks like a sculpture. Place your Ficus in a spot in the home that gets some indirect sunlight but isn’t in a super bright, direct beam—the leaves are a little bit sensitive!




No doubt about it, the calathea has some serious wow factor. Whichever variety you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a plant with beautifully colored leaves that almost look hand-painted. They’re quite interesting houseplants because they’re continually changing position and shifting as the sun moves across the sky. With their interesting personalities and markings, you’ll see why these plants have been trending upwards going into 2021!




Philodendrons are a big family of houseplants that have remained popular for years, but lately, they somehow seem cooler than ever. Their trailing habit makes them coveted by collectors, but their easy care and fast growth make them especially appealing to beginner plant owners. To keep these trending tropical plants looking their best, make sure they get misted with water or exposed to humid air, and wipe down their leaves monthly with a damp cloth to keep them dust-free. 


coffee arabica plant

Coffee Arabica

It’s no surprise why this bad boy made our trending plants list—who wouldn’t enjoy the bragging rights of growing their own coffee? While you probably won’t be able to harvest a massive amount of beans, you can certainly manage to get a few cups of coffee out of your harvest once it’s reached maturity. And, on top of the perks of providing a homegrown caffeine source, coffee arabica is also just plain beautiful. Their leaves have an ultra-glossy satin finish, with white flowers that produce little red berries, each containing a pair of coffee beans.


chinese evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

With their large size and exotic appearance, one might assume that the Chinese evergreen is a houseplant that requires some considerable upkeep. The truth is, Chinese evergreens couldn’t be easier to care for! Plus, with so many interesting multicolored varieties splashed with stunning shades of pink, white, and gold, you can grab several different kinds, all with their own unique qualities.


boston fern


With their lush texture, volume and color, you’d think ferns could land a deal modeling for Herbal Essences, but personally, we think they make perfectly fine home decor pieces. Shaggy, shapely Boston ferns are the top trending variety of these humidity-loving plants, which are fantastic for hanging in windows, as their long, cascading foliage hangs like curtains, allowing twinkles of light to work through their leaves. Indirect sunlight from a North-facing window is ideal for ferns, as they have sensitive leaves that can get scorched from bright sun.




This dwarf tree has such an interesting foliage shape! Several leaflets spring out from single stalks all over the tree, creating little starburst shapes that look like emerald green fireworks. If they get enough sunlight, or if you put them outside for the summer, you can enjoy their bright clusters of colorful blooms! Place your Schefflera in a painted ceramic pot and place it next to your living room sofa for the perfect accent piece to instantly transform your space. 

If your home decor is feeling a little lackluster, these trending plants are the perfect solution to instantly revitalize your living area. Browse the Plant Decor Shop online store to see all the gorgeous green gems that are ready to be shipped right to your door!


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