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4 Black Indoor Plants Serving Spooky Goth Looks for Halloween

Dust off your My Chemical Romance CDs and break out the black kohl eyeliner because we’re going full-on goth this Halloween, and we’ve got the perfect indoor plants to match. Their jet black foliage is glossier than a freshly polished pair of Doc Martens. Pop these plants in an all-black container embellished with cool designs using white or red paint to get the full effect. We’re talking spiderwebs, crosses, skulls, bats—the spookier, the better. 

Go Goth With These Black Plants for Indoor Halloween Decor  

Embrace the darkness! Our California greenhouse is stocked up on wickedly cool black indoor plants to complete your goth home aesthetic.  


Plant decor shop raven zz

Raven ZZ 

The purplish-black leaves of this gloriously goth plant are so dramatic and edgy, just like any goth teenager you’ve ever encountered. If you aren’t naturally gifted at plant care and consider yourself to have the opposite of a green thumb, this indoor plant is a perfect match for you. 

ZZ plants are kind of like vampires: nearly impossible to kill and will happily thrive in a room with low light. Intense, direct light beams can scorch it, so it’s better off staying a few feet away from your window. It’s best to let the soil dry out completely before watering again, so if you tend to be forgetful when it comes to plant care, or if you travel frequently, you should definitely snag a Raven ZZ for your place. 


plant decor shop back anthurium

Black Anthurium

This dramatic tropical indoor plant produces glossy black flowers with one single statement petal. The blossoms on this black variety look as though they were made from shiny black vinyl (an essential material in any goth’s wardrobe). While the Black Anthurium may not have the power to summon dark spirits, it does have the power to purify your air and filter out harmful toxins, and that’s almost as cool.  

Overall, Anthuriums aren’t too fussy and are generally low-maintenance. They just like their sunlight to be bright, yet diffused, so no direct beams will scorch its leaves. It also prefers its soil to be more on the moist side, but don’t overdo it! Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering, and consider a pot with drainage holes to release any excess moisture.   


plant decor shop ficus decora

Ficus Decora Burgundy 

This mega-spooky variety of Ficus Decora, or “Rubber Plant,” has big, bold foliage that’s so dark, it appears nearly-black, with a burgundy red midrib running through each leaf. New foliage emerges in a striking shade of blood red, and as it matures, a flush of red remains on the underside of the leaves. 

Like most other tropical indoor plants, keep your Ficus Decora Burgundy away from any direct light beams, and put it somewhere with bright, indirect light. While it prefers bright and indirect light, you may find that in lower light levels, it actually produces larger leaves in an attempt to soak up more sun. Wipe the leaves off with a damp cloth once per month to remove dust and keep them looking extra dark and shiny.


plant decor shop alocasia black velvet

Alocasia Black Velvet

Silver metallic veins cover the leaves of Alocasia Black Velvet like glittering spider webs. The foliage has a luxurious velvety texture, hence the name “Black Velvet.” Feed it once per month from March to October with a balanced fertilizer, and it will grow more lush and thick than Ozzy Osborne’s hair in the ‘70s. Alocasia likes humid environments and super loose soil, so you may want to consider mixing some potting soil with shredded bark or peat moss. 

Stay on the lookout for spider mites—they might sound cool and in line with the whole goth aesthetic, but they can really hurt your plant! Inspect the foliage for actual webbing. If you notice any signs of mites, give your plant a rinse in the shower. Then, spritz it generously with insecticidal soap or neem oil spray.  


Plant Decor Shop has one of the best selections of naturally black plants in California. Browse our full catalog today to see all the incredible varieties available for shipping across the United States! 


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