Scary Looking Plants for Halloween

Scary Looking Plants for Halloween

Spooky season is upon us, and these low-key creepy-looking plants are serving scary looks for Halloween. We're over the plastic decorations and all about using real houseplants for Halloween decor. Plus, plants are stylish all year round, not just for one season, so these freaky houseplants are a good excuse to keep the spooky vibes going all year. 

Scary Plants That Keep Looking Cool Long After Halloween

Here's a collection of six scary-looking plants that range from cute and Halloween-y to literal carnivorous mini-monsters. Place their plant pots inside of decorative containers that fit with the spooky season aesthetic to get the full effect. That way, if you'd like, you can take them out later and repot them in different containers that suit your room's decor.  

Sempervivum Arachnoideum

This cute ball-shaped succulent looks like it's decorated with spider webs! An assortment of Sempervivum arachnoideum would look amazing as a table centerpiece with some candles and miniature pumpkins. They're ridiculously easy to keep alive, and they don't require very much water. You should have no trouble caring for this succulent!

Plant Decor Shop sempervivum and venus fly trap plant

Venus Flytrap

This carnivorous plant is looking like some kind of alien from a 1950's scary movie, and yet… It's kind of cute? It's like a little baby monster! Don't be surprised if you start doting on your venus fly trap like it's a pet. Wednesday Addams would surely approve of this strange, tiny companion. Their little toothy "mouths" won't hurt your finger if you touch them, but they will happily snack on flies that land into their jaws. The mouths snap closed, and over a few days, your plant will digest and absorb the insect. 

Aloe Distans

There's something distinctly creepy about this variety of aloe. It's probably the yellow fangs all along its pointy, tongue-like leaves! Though it may be somewhat scary looking, you certainly won't mind having this fascinating plant in your year-round collection. Aloe distans is a succulent, so you don't need to water it much, but it loves lots of bright light. Make a cool, Southwestern-inspired Halloween display by arranging a few of these desert plants with some skulls and Day of the Dead decor. 


Plant decor shop aloe distans and purple waffle plants

Hemigraphis Purple Waffle

This uncommon plant has a strangely reptilian quality, with its crinkly, shiny leaves looking like dark green and purple lizard skin. Similar to Godzilla, it is a tropical plant that hails from Asia. It's used to a humid climate and consistently moist soil and prefers indirect, filtered light. Unlike Godzilla, the Hemigraphis Purple Waffle is totally pet-friendly and will not pose a threat to your animals at home.  


Pitcher Plant 

Another carnivorous plant that's undeniably scary, the pitcher plant has long, cup-like vessels that trap live insects and eat them. Because they get their nutrients from bugs, you don't need to worry about giving them much supplementary fertilizer. They do need a couple of bugs per week, though, so if none are buzzing around your house, you should try to catch a fly with a swatter and toss it into the pitcher plant while it's still fresh.


Plant Decor Shop pitcher plant and cryptanthus zonatus plant

Cryptanthus Zonatus

No, it's not a California Bay Area punk band; it's a bromeliad! While its name definitely fits the spooky season vibe, Cryptanthus zonatus also has pointy, dark red, nearly black leaves with white stripes that bring the freaky goth vibes. It kind of reminds us of skeleton bones! If the leaves seem a little crunchy, don't worry, it's not dead—it's just into looking that way. You might say this plant makes a very convincing zombie! 

A house without any cool plants? Now that's scary. We've got an incredible collection of creepy-looking plants for sale in California, and we're able to ship them all across the United States! With high-quality packaging and quick shipping, you can get your fix of new plants without having to leave the house! Stay inside and watch a scary movie instead — Happy Halloween! 


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