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6 Home Decoration Ideas For Your Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera plants make fantastic decorations for your home and office. Is it weird that we think they’re cute? Because you can’t convince us otherwise. The little tiny ones are downright adorable, but when they grow big, they’ve got such an attitude and spark! Their signature spiky leaves will reinvigorate your living space, turning vibrant emerald green if they receive at least 6 hours of bright light each day. If you’ve got a sunny room in need of decorations, aloe vera plants will make the scenery much brighter!  


Try These Creative Home Decor Ideas Using Aloe Vera Plants

You’ll love the fun, funky vibe these spunky succulents bring to the table.

Head Planters

These charming planters definitely have personality! The spiky style of the aloe vera plant’s foliage brings to mind haircuts from the Korn and Limp Bizkit era, and honestly, we’re here for it. Having these colorful characters on your desk can make the working-from-home-alone grind a little less dreary. That being said, resist the urge to name them and start talking to them like coworkers—we don’t want a “Cast Away” situation on our hands. That Wilson scene still makes us tear up.

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Minimalist Minis

Plain concrete pots are super trendy right now, and if you get several small ones, they look pretty slick lined up in a row. Fill some with tiny aloe vera plants and use them as decorations for your bookshelf, the mantel, a credenza, or along your dining room table as a centerpiece. Just remember to repot them into something bigger in a year or two, so they can continue to develop! 

Get Punny

Aloe sounds like hello. Boom, a whole new world of puns and movie quotes just opened up. Grab a plain pot, a pencil, and some paint and brushes to write a cute aloe-themed pun along the side. Here are a few worthy contenders for your aloe plant pun pot:

  • Say Aloe to My Little Friend
  • Aloe Darkness My Old Friend
  • Aloe, Is It Me You’re Looking For?
  • Aloe You Vera Much
  • You Had Me At Aloe
  • Aloe, Gorgeous
  • Aloe-lujah

Woven Basket Planters

The spiky cacti look has a Baja California vibe going on, so it pairs well with rustic basket-style planters made with natural materials like rattan, straw, or woven fabric. Place a smaller plastic pot inside the basket planter to avoid damaging it with water. It’s kind of boho, kind of cowboy, but totally stylish.

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The Cutest First Aid Kit Ever

Lots of people like to keep aloe plants for their healing powers, not just for decoration. Snap off one aloe leaf, and you can squeeze out a bunch of the cool jelly inside, which works wonders for soothing burns and speeding healing. Get a little white pot with a red cross on it like a first aid kit. Keep it on a windowsill somewhere you may encounter burns, like in the kitchen. If you’re prone to burning yourself with the curling iron, keep one in the bathroom!


Make a Mixed Arrangement with Other Succulents

Since aloe vera grows tall and upright, if you want to create decorations with other succulents, they look best if you plant them in the center. Plant shorter succulents like echeveria around it. Finish with trailing succulents all around the edge, such as senecio, so they’ll cascade down the sides of the container. 

Create trendy, fun decorations for your home by incorporating aloe plants from our California greenhouse! We ship nationwide, with safe and reliable packaging to keep your new plants comfortable on their journey to their new home.


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