October Birth Month Flower Meanings: Marigolds and Cosmos

October Birth Month Flower Meanings: Marigolds and Cosmos

October is here, and just like every other birth month, it has its own special flowers that hold significant meaning, just like birthstones! If rubies or sapphires aren’t in the budget for a birthday gift, then a bouquet of birth month flowers would still be quite charming! If you have any October babies to get a present for, these are the flowers you should snag for their birth month bouquet.


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What Are The Birth Flowers for October?

October has two different birth month flowers: marigolds and cosmos. 

Marigolds are cheerful and bright, with round, ruffled flower heads in shades of orange and gold, like tiny bursts of sunshine. Some are flushed with streaks of fiery red, brightening up the scenery with their blazing sunset colors. Most marigolds come from Mexico or India, but some varieties are native to California and the Southern United States. 

Cosmos are actually close cousins of the marigold, but they look more like daisies. They come in a wide variety of pretty colors, like baby pink, magenta, purple, and white. They’re known for their satisfyingly symmetrical petals that occur in pairs all around the flower. 


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October Birth Flowers: What is the Meaning of a Marigold?

Considering their sunny golden hue, it’s no surprise that marigolds represent optimism and warmth! They signify the path that lights our way—not just on earth but also in the afterlife. This is why people include marigolds in displays and altars to honor ancestors in cultural festivals like Dia de los Muertos. They also symbolize the light within us that gives us the power and strength to persevere. 

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October Birth Flowers: The Meaning of Cosmos 

The name “cosmos” comes from the Greek word kosmos, referring to the order and harmony of the universe. The flower cosmos represents order, peace, and serenity. The duality of the petals and their perfect symmetry is a clear symbol of balance, bringing to mind the scales of Libra, the astrological sign for October babies born before the 23rd. If you have a friend born in October who loves astronomy, space, and contemplating the cosmos, or if they’re just a big fan of Carl Sagan, then some cosmos will make a particularly stellar birth flower arrangement!


Cosmos also represent grace, wholeness, and simplicity, as their delicate singular row of petals are beautiful yet subtle. Their deliciously sweet scent also brings an air of peace and tranquility. Since the birthstones for October are opal and pink tourmaline, some say you should stick to pink and white cosmos if you’re arranging a birth month bouquet.


Display your October birth month flower arrangement in a pink or white container to get the full effect. For Libras (those born before October 23rd), pink is one of their power colors, so that works perfectly! Light blue is another Libra color, so you could add in a bit of blue as a decorative accent. For Scorpios (born October 23rd or later), you should embellish the container with accents in their power colors: red, purple, or black. 


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