The Best Houseplant for Your Summer 2021 Aesthetic

The Best Trending Plants for Your Summer 2021 Aesthetic

Summer 2021 is right around the corner, and we’re diving into the latest indoor plant trends to suit every style and aesthetic. Whether you’re feeling like cartwheeling on the beach while listening to reggae or scream-singing to emo music on the highway, we’ve got an indoor plant that’s your perfect match. 


Which Trending Plant Matches Your Summer Vibe for 2021?

We’ve lost track if it’s still Hot Girl Summer, Hot Boy Summer, or Hot Dog Summer, but regardless—whatever vibe you’re feeling this season, there’s a trending indoor plant that will match the energy you’re putting out there. Which category do you fall under?

schefflera arboricola summer plants

The Beach Bum: Schefflera Arboricola

If you’re gearing up for a gloriously lazy summer spent soaking up the sun, you’re going to love Schefflera arboricola, or “Umbrella Plant!” Lounging on the sand underneath a colorful beach umbrella feels natural to you, so a glossy green umbrella plant for your living room will match the vibe perfectly. It’s an especially powerful air-purifying plant, so it will help keep your air fresh and clean like a crisp ocean breeze! 

pothos n joy summer trailing plant

The Influencer: Pothos N’Joy

You know how to coordinate a flawless outfit, a picture-perfect Zoom background, and a charming desk display that’s well worth flaunting on your Insta story. You’ve got your finger on the pulse of all the latest style trends, yet can always manage to find creative ways to make them uniquely your own. You probably got the memo that white variegated plants are all the rage right now, and the Pothos N’Joy is serving all the right looks. You’ll love the way its ivory-streaked leaves cascade down your perfectly-lit bookshelf!

hoya carnosa compacta hoya hindu rope

The Festival Free-Spirit: Hoya Hindu Rope

You march to the beat of your own drum, love to live spontaneously, and probably have one of those big mandala tapestries on your bedroom wall. (Hey, no judgment, those things are pretty!). When the music starts playing, you can’t help but twist and shake, and the Hoya Hindu Rope is totally matching that energy. It has the most beautiful and peculiar vines that curl and spiral, bringing gorgeous texture and a glossy green sheen to your homescape.  

cryptanthus colourful summer plant

The Emo Revivalist: Cryptanthus

Not gonna lie; this past year had us feeling a little bit emo. While we aren’t quite ready to accept that this quintessential pop-punk era now falls into the category of “retro,” we’re embracing this cultural revival all the same! The Cryptanthus is a total emo plant, and not just because it sounds like the name of a band that probably opened for My Chemical Romance. It has spiky leaves in the wildest color combos that are quite reminiscent of emo hairstyles from 2004. Check out Cryptanthus zonatus with its edgy black and white stripes, or Cryptanthus Hot Pink, which looks like it got hold of a jar of Manic Panic hair dye. 

staghorn fern on plaque summer tropical

The Low-Key Lumberjack: Staghorn Fern

Jeans are essential, buffalo plaid is neutral, and flannel is for all seasons. You were chopping wood and foraging for snacks before “Cottagecore” was even a thing, and if you don’t have a beard, you probably have a really cool hat, and that’s just as good. The Staghorn Fern deserves a spot on your mantel—I mean, it looks just like a set of deer antlers! Now you can complete the lumberjack look while keeping it totally vegan-friendly. You can even mount your fern on a wooden plaque! To be honest, that’s way more stylish than dead fish taxidermy.

There are plenty more magnificent indoor plants to satisfy your thirst for the latest style and decor trends. Browse through our full catalog and see what speaks to you!