Super Cute Mini Indoor Plants

7 Super-Cute Mini Indoor Plants

Puppies, cupcakes, baby ducklings—tiny things are just plain cute, and these mini indoor plants are no exception! Luckily, plants require a lot less upkeep than puppies or ducklings, and they last much longer than cupcakes. So, if you’re craving a little extra cuteness in your life, these mini indoor plants deserve a spot on your shelf.  


Mini Houseplant Cuteness Level: Off The Charts

Cute, tiny plants are perfect for awkward, tiny spaces. Fill up the vacant spots on your shelves, desks, or side tables with these adorable plants in small indoor pots. It’s mind-boggling how a teeny-tiny plant can have such a major impact on your decor! 


Echeveria Lola

The ever-so-lovely Echeveria Lola has a pretty rosette shape, in a sweet pastel blue-green shade with a rosy purple blush. They don’t grow very tall and have a shallow root system, so they’re easy to grow in small indoor pots. Plus, if these plants get enough summer sunshine, they’ll sprout upright stems with colorful little blossoms that look like mini tulips. 

echeveria lola and echeveria mahogany succulents

Echeveria Mahogony

It may be miniature, but this tiny dynamo is all class. Ron Burgundy would undoubtedly approve. The dramatic Echeveria Mahogany has rich, dark green leaves that are nearly charcoal at the tips, with a subtle burgundy highlight. Plant it in a rustic wood pot for a decor accent that says, “I’m kind of a big deal... I have many leather-bound books.” 


Ceropegia String of Hearts

As if a miniature indoor plant wasn’t cute enough already, this one just strolls right in with heart-shaped leaves. We get it! You’re adorable! Ceropegia String of Hearts has a vining habit, so those sweet little hearts trail down like charm bracelets! You’ll love the luxurious jewel tones of this mini indoor plant, with frosty grey-green, silver-variegated leaves that dangle from its garnet red stems.

string of hearts and haworthia zebra succulents

Haworthia Zebra

This mini plant has a big attitude, and we love how it instantly perks up any indoor space! Haworthia Zebra has tall, upright, dark green leaves similar to other succulents, like aloe and agave, but with eye-catching horizontal zebra stripes. It has a distinctive, bumpy texture and spiky shape, bringing unexpected visual contrast and rebellious energy to your space.  


Kalanchoe Flapjack

The layers of round succulent leaves on Kalanchoe Flapjack look just like mini stacks of pancakes! They’re a lovely candied lime color with a strawberry-tinged border. (Place them in a super-sunny window, so the colors get extra bright.) This indoor plant will slowly change colors in the winter, taking more of a reddish-pink hue, but it will return to its vibrant glory once spring rolls around.

kalanchoe flapjack peperomia watermelon red and green hues

Peperomia Watermelon

If “Watermelon Sugar” has been playing on loop in your head all summer, this mega-cute plant is a must-have for your collection. The leaves look just like mini melons! They almost look good enough to eat—and while we don’t recommend eating your Peperomia Watermelon, it is a pet-friendly plant, so you won’t have to worry if your pup partakes of a sample. 


Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Also known as the “Mini Monstera,” the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is a beautiful tropical vining plant with those Swiss-cheese-like leaves that are so stylish right now. As far as swag goes, getting one of these trend-setting plants is pretty much on par with scoring a pair of Gucci slides, but at a tiny fraction of the price! While it starts out pretty small, the vines grow quickly, so you might need a mini trellis or coco pole to keep them supported. 


raphidophora tetrasperma mini monstera houseplant

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